Thinking WITH Your...

Decisions in Love should be not just with your mind, or even just your heart. Definitely not just lust, but with ALL of you!
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Support Your Black Friends

In these racially charged times, it's great that our Allies want to help, now it's time to our Allies to understand WHY they're needed. From the beginning to now, here's how to help.

I am Loving The Skin That I am In!

Black is Beautiful! But what if your black skin is different?  young Black girls that are learning to love the skin that they are in. Features: Albinism, Vitiligo and Colorism.

Entrepreneur Love

Building Generational Wealth is the result of a strong foundation. Love and Business DOES Mix! Building together shouldn't be hard.

It's OK to Not Know

When things happen, it's hard to know what to do, how to act. It's OK to NOT know. Here's a calming reaffirming story.

Rejoin Your Life!

Find your Gifts, Change your mindset and Change your Life!  Momtrepreneur International is the main part of the 3 part course curriculum, Rejoin Your Life!

Bam Roberts

"I had a great summer, then everything changed when my parents started arguing. My twin sister Kiki and I got a big surprise on our first day of school. Now the biggest kid of all, Mac MacDonald is a real pain! Then something happened where we live and we can't even go back home. I was so excited for school to start, but no one told me that life as a kid was so hard!" Co-written with Bam Chesson


From Birdie to her son, Bam, she gives him her own pearls of wisdom on how to be the best example of a man from a loving single mother's perspective.

Her heartfelt intentions are from wanting only success, self -love, happiness, great health mental/emotional prosperity for him as he grows up into a Black man...

Saggy Boobs...

What about ME? Putting our families first, giving up our own wants and needs, hopes and dreams. Then when we finally take a long, hard look at ourselves, we can see just how much we've neglected ourselves. Is there a life for you after feeling like you've lost yourself?
  It's about the state of mind that comes from changing how you truly see yourself during and after motherhood while being the best you.

Bella Brina

Bella Brina is a young girl adjusting to losing her mother and now living with her Grandpop and cousin Yetta.
A once proud "Juicy Girl", Bella is now constantly teased about her size by family and schoolmates.
How can she continue to love herself when everything is so different now?

Friend in My Head

Are you setting goals and not succeeding? Do you need help staying on track with your goals?  Although we're accountable to ourselves, sometimes you need a "Friend in Your Head" to succeed.

Includes access to EXCLUSIVE Accountability Group and text messages with book purchase.

Let's Write a Book!

Author, Illustrator and Book Coach Birdie Chesson shows in a step-by-step guide, how to write a book (using 2 proven methods) in her curriculum that has been successfully shared for over 20 years with hundreds of clients.
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Birdie Chesson was a single mother, failed businesswoman, living in the New York City public housing system with imposter syndrome. Wanting a better life for herself and her son, she refused to accept self-defeat. Step by step, she manifested a successful career and a prosperous life for herself and her son. In this "Law of Attraction Approved" memoir, she shows you how she did it all, starting with one thing: Learning how to breathe...

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About building wealth that last for generations to come. Building wealth should be learned to obtain and consistently maintained. Learning from a successful parent's perspective with great examples in several industries and told with simple terminology.
Includes How-to' on starting various businesses for multiple streams of income.

Will Be Featured in "Family Talk" Curriculum


Why is she so stuck? Why is she so angry? Failed connections with our children's other parent is much deeper than hurt feelings
In order to move forward after the bond is broken, we must UnLearn and ReLearn how to love each other through the children for the benefit of our future as Single and Step Families.
Our Families Deserve Better.
We can Heal.