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Free Download: It's OK to NOT know...

Right now is a trying time for all of us. As parents, explaining to their children what's going on when we ourselves don't know is indescribably hard. Here's a gift to you for some relief and release. Know that you are not alone. We are all in this together.

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Earl is based on a true story. In a 3-Part play form, Earl is about a friendship between 2 children, one that gets sick with cancer and how their friendship progresses, even until Earl's death.

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I Won't Go With Strangers is about a young girl who explains why she won't go with strangers. She uses examples of the types of strangers that may not be "typical strangers" but strangers nonetheless.

Free PDF Download Shift Up Activity Book

First Unhappy? Stressed? Want to feel better?
All we need is to make small changes everyday towards living a great life we all deserve. The inspirational coloring pages in this activity book will help shift your mood as well as give you great messages to live by.
Decide. Commit. Repeat. SHIFT UP!

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2020 Membership: Family Talk

Beginning Spring 2020, Family workshop series centered around using the "Talk to Me" Series and "Stickboy and Cookie" Series. Subject matter includes: Bullying, Sickness, death, molestation, kidnapping, neglect, self love, peer pressure and much more!
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Preorder: How To Teach Your Children About Generational Wealth

First About building wealth that last for generations to come. Building wealth should be learned to obtain and consistently maintained. Learning from a successful parent's perspective with great examples in several industries and told with simple terminology. Includes How-to' on starting various businesses for multiple streams of income.


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