The Stickboy and Cookie Series came about in 2008, when Birdie's son, Bam and niece Iana wanted to make their own books. The 4 and 8 year-olds wanted the characters to be named, "Stickboy and Cookie" and the rest was history!
The stories are based on instances of young children and social skills within child development.

The series subject matter: leadership, encouragement, accountability, bullying, friendship, being a follower and trying out new experiences and not giving up.

Stickboy and Cookie are Friends

First book in the series, Stickboy and Cookie are new friends.
When their friendship is tested, will Stickboy still be a good friend to Cookie?
Stickboy and Cookie are Friends is about what it means to be a good friend when loyalty is tested.

Cookie's First Day Of School

Cookie is worried about her first day of school.
Will she make new friends? Is the food yucky? Is her teacher going to be mean?
Find out in Cookie's First Day of School!

The Stickboy & Cookie Collection

All of the Stickboy & Cookie Books in ONE collection!
Stickboy and Cookie Are Friends, Cookie's First Day of School and Don't be a Follower, Stickboy! Featuring the latest Stickboy and Cookie Book, The Big Start.
"What will happen when Stickboy is afraid to try something new?”
The Big Start is only available in this collection.

Don't Be a Follower, Stickboy!

When you have a friend that does bad things and is mean to people, what do you do?
Do you stop your friend? Do you join in what they are doing? Do you stand by and watch your friend do the bad things? What will Stickboy do?
See what happens in Don't Be A Follower, Stickboy!