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  • Author: Birdie Chesson
  • Release Date: 21 March, 2020
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It’s OK To NOT Know

The Pandemic has been so hard for so many families. The devastation and uncertainty has been This story was made to comfort the world and release as a FREE Download to spread the love worldwide.

Book Information

I Won't GO With Strangers

Statistics show that many children are abducted by strangers that they have met. There are a lot of "Familiar Strangers" out there. Neighbors, family friends, people that your children have been around but don't quite know. Or people who are friendly but are still strangers. It's important for kids to know that they shouldn't "GO" with them.

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Cookie's First Day of School

It’s Cookie’s First Day of School and Cookie is worried. What if she doesn’t make friends? What if her teacher is mean? What if the food is yucky? Find out here to see how her first day went.

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