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"It's better to raise strong children than to repair broken adults." - Frederick Douglass (paraphrased)
 That has always been the underlying messages in the books that Birdie writes. Starting out as a way for families to communicate, Birdie started writing her children's books in 1997. As she started teaching others how to write their own books, she saw that the adults needed socio-emotional support, so she geared a lot of her writing to self-help.
Because "The best help is Self-Help"; finding a way to sow seeds and help people be better versions of themselves has been Birdie's vision. She accomplishes this through her books, curriculum, courses and coaching platforms.

Birdie Chesson: Author, Artist and Creator.

Although Birdie wrote and printed her first series over 20 years ago, she finally incorporated Miss Birdie's Books as a publisher in 2008 as a way to solidify herself as an agent for change in self-help/self-love for Kids, Families, individuals Worldwide.

Starting with writing children's books based on real kids with real situations, she also writes Self-Help/Self-Love genres. The overtone of ALL of MBB, Inc. Books is for the betterment of whomever reads them. ALL of the books featured here are written, illustrated and published by Birdie Chesson.

Books of the Month

These are the most popular books featured everywhere. Grab your copies today!

Thinking With Your...

To have a successful relationship, All of You needs to be on the same page. 
All women love within Mind, Heart or Kitty Dominance.
1. Take the Quiz at

MakeGoodLoveDecisions.com 2. Get the book. 3. Let's do the work.  It's an inspirational memoir that gives a refreshing perspective on having a  Full Love. You deserve to have better.

Bam Roberts


Bam is a young boy who is dealing with bullies in school, separation from his sister, divorce from his parents and a disaster that had them lose their home.

Based and Co-Written by Bam Chesson, having strength and resilience as a young boy is superhuman. But he does it with a great perspective.

Loving the Skin that I'm In!

Black is Beautiful. But what if your skin is different? Meet Sasha with Albinism, Rachel that has a deep chocolate hue of skin, Mimi with Vitiligo and Denise that looks different from her parents.

They're beautiful young black girls that are learning to love themselves and the skin that they are in.

Stickboy & Cookie Books

The Stickboy and Cookie Series started in 2008, when Birdie's son, Bam and niece Iana wanted to make their own books. The 4 and 8 year olds wanted the characters to be named, "Stickboy and Cookie". and the rest is history! The stories are based on instances of young children featuring everyday social skills and child development.
The series subject matter: leadership, encouragement, accountability, bullying, friendship, being a follower, not being afraid of trying out new experiences and not giving up.

Self-Help, Courses & Curriculum

"Self-Help is the best help, Self-Love is the best love and Self " From all walks of life, from child to adult; all of our featured publications are for the most part, all about improving the quality of EVERYONE'S lives.

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Talk to Me Series

Today, parents are finding it hard to talk to their children. The 20 year old Series, "Talk to Me" Collection of stories were written for helping families talk to each other. The 9 stories deal with subjects such as: Bullying, Adoption, Abuse, Neglect, Sickness, Death; and so much more. This collection is also included in the Home+School=Life App under Family Talk.

Partners & Affiliates

Featured are services, offerings and links to associated products, affiliates, sites and apps that Birdie Chesson features.

Exploring Expressions

Create learning resources K-12, Help others with a message publish their books & provides keynotes & workshops.

Solvent Learning

For resources and support for families on the road to academic success through tools for anxiety in dealing with solving problems.

Book Coach Birdie

For Access to Birdie through her workshops and memberships. Self-Guided Courses are also available with support.


Birdie is a Proud Homeschool Mom. Within the Homeschool community, here's a huge need for peer support and sharing resources that will help in the family dynamic. Birdie created this in the first Black-owned Homeschool Family App!

Precious Solutions to Travel

A full service travel company that helps families create unforgettable moments together. With resources to enrich your time together as families through activities & safe family-friendly travel.

VRE Training Solutions

Through customizing tools and solutions, we empower individuals, businesses & entrepreneurs everywhere. We pride ourselves in giving the ultimate Velvet Rope Experience through custom corporate solutions.


Over the years, the people's lives that have been touched through Miss Birdie's Books has garnered some fantastic feedback. Here is what some people have had to say about some of Miss Birdie's Books, Inc's Publications.

Write Your Own Book

It's YOUR Turn! It's time to write your OWN book! We can help you write your own or we can write it FOR you.
Fiction, Non-Fiction, Cookbooks, Children's Books and more! We've done it all and we can help you make it happen for yourself.


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